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Scrutiny Management Committee
12 Jun 2018 - 19:00 to 20:57
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1. Welcome and Introductions
The Chair to welcome Members, officers and the public to the meeting and introduce Members and officers who are present.
2. Apologies
To receive any apologies of absence.
3. Disclosures of Interest

Councillors to declare any disclosable pecuniary interests, or personal interests (including other pecuniary interests) they may have in the business to be transacted, and officers to disclose any interests they may have in any contract to be considered.

4. pdf Minutes (212Kb)

To approve, and the Chair to sign as a correct record, the Minutes of the meetings of the Committee held on 28 March 2018 (Item 4[a]) and 16 May 2018 (Item 4[b]).


The Committee’s attention is drawn to Minute SM43 (fourth paragraph) which refers to the ‘Councillor Call for Action’ and how evidence is gathered ahead of a review by one of the scrutiny committee or a task and finish group, and consider whether it would wish to request reports on the issues to a future meeting.

5. pdf Terms of Reference (138Kb)
To note the Terms of Reference for the Committee and those of the other scrutiny committees (Item 5).
To consider a report from the Chair (Item 6).
To consider the Corporate Performance Report for the period ending 31 March (Item 7).

Road Closures


That, in respect of a specific occurrence in Wavendon and Bow Brickhill regarding the scheduling of road closures which resulted in the closure of Bow Brickhill crossing and the signed diversion route in place as a result of the closure of Newport Road, Wavendon, at the same time as Newport Road, Wavendon was closed the Planning Group suggested that the general issue of how road closures were planned could be considered for inclusion in the Scrutiny Work programme for 2018/19.


The Corporate Director – Place was requested to clarify whether measures were now in place, or were to be put in place, to ensure that a similar issue did not arise again, and his response is attached at Item 7(a).


This matter would fall within the remit of the Strategic Placemaking Scrutiny Committee.

Future Working Programme Audit


That the Scrutiny Management Committee be recommended to consider how Capital Projects are managed.


A copy of the Audit Committee’s minute is attached at Item 8.


This matter would fall within the remit of the Budget and Resources Scrutiny Committee.

8(c). Scrutiny Management Committee - 28 March 2018

Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment

  1. That as part of the future work programme for the Strategic Placemaking Scrutiny Committee the Scrutiny Management Committee be requested to consider giving the Council’s flood and water management responsibilities a high profile.

  2. That as part of the future work programme for the Budget and Resources Scrutiny Committee the Scrutiny Management Committee be requested to include a review of the adequacy of the resources being made available to fund the Council’s the Flood and Water responsibilities.

This matter would fall within the remit of the Strategic Placemaking Scrutiny Committee.

9. Scrutiny Committee’s Work Programmes 2018/19
The draft work programmes developed by the scrutiny committees for 2018/19 are set out as below for consideration.

The following items currently included in the Committee’s draft work programmes could potentially now be within the remit of the Strategic Placemaking Scrutiny Committee:

"(i) Highway Repairs

The proposal for the revision of the response time for non-urgent (category 2) highway repairs scheduled for 2019/20 be flagged for future detailed scrutiny by the Committee during 2018/19.

(ii) Fly-tipping

Dependent on the annual DEFRA report on fly-tipping (due in September 2019) – To review the impact of increases in charges for bulk collections of household waste on levels of fly-tipping.”

9(d). Health and Adult Social Care Scrutiny Committee
Councillor Jenkins to update the Committee on progress in preparing the work programme.
9(e). Strategic Placemaking Scrutiny Committee
As the Committee has only just been appointed the draft work programme is only just being developed by the Committee’s Planning Group.  It is intended to present the draft programme at the meeting.
The Council decided that the work programmes should take account of the priorities in the Council Plan (Item 9[f])  and the Executive Forward Plan (Item 9[g]) which are attached for the Committee’s information.
10. LGSS (Local Government Shared Services) Scrutiny Working Group

To consider appointing, on a 1:1:1 basis, councillors to represent the Committee on the LGSS Scrutiny Working Group, together with a substitute member for each nomination.


Councillors appointed to represent the Committee should neither be a member of the LGSS Joint Committee, nor a substitute member of the LGSS Joint Committee.

11. Call-in Sub-Committee

To appoint all members of the Committee to the Scrutiny Management Committee Call-in Sub-Committee for the Council year 2018/19, from which seven members (3:3:1) will form the Sub-Committee for any particular meeting in line with the overall proportionality of members on the Council.


The Committee’s Terms of Reference provide that the Committee will review decisions of Cabinet, individual Cabinet members or officer key decisions called in, where either it is not possible to identify the relevant committee, or where it is not considered appropriate for the relevant committee to consider the call-in.

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