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Audit Committee
25 Sep 2012 - 19:00
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  1. pdf AGENDA_FULL (0Kb)
  2. pdf MINUTES (0Kb)
  3. pdf ITEM03A_23-05-12 MINUTES (0Kb)
  4. pdf ITEM03B_MINUTES 26 JUNE 2012 (0Kb)
  5. pdf ITEM05(A)_2011-12 MKC Annual Governance Report_ANNEX A (0Kb)
  6. pdf ITEM05(A)_Letter of Representation_ANNEX C (0Kb)
  7. pdf ITEM05(A)_Statement of Accounts_ANNEX B (0Kb)
  8. pdf ITEM05(B)_Annual Governance Statement 2011-12_ANNEX's A & B (0Kb)
  9. pdf ITEM05(B)_Annual Governance Statement Report 2011-12 & Action Plan 2012-13 (0Kb)
  10. pdf ITEM06_Budget Monitoring Report Period 4 (0Kb)
  11. pdf ITEM06_Capital Monitoring July '12_ANNEX C(i) (0Kb)
  12. pdf ITEM06_Capital Monitoring_ANNEX C(ii) (0Kb)
  13. pdf ITEM06_Revenue Budget & Capital Monitoring_ANNEX A (0Kb)
  14. pdf ITEM06_Savings One- Offs Rollovers P4_ANNEX B (0Kb)
  15. pdf ITEM07_Audit_Report_Management Governance of the Partnership with Mouchel_ANNEX (0Kb)
  16. pdf ITEM07_Report PPP Sept 2012 (0Kb)
  17. pdf ITEM08_Internal Audit Update (0Kb)
  18. pdf ITEM08_Internal Audit_ANNEX A (0Kb)
  19. pdf ITEM08_Internal Audit_ANNEX B (0Kb)
  20. pdf ITEM08_Internal Audit_ANNEX C (0Kb)
  21. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (i) (0Kb)
  22. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (ii) (0Kb)
  23. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (iii) (0Kb)
  24. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (iv) (0Kb)
  25. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (v) (0Kb)
  26. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX A (vi) (0Kb)
  27. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX B_Service Group Level Risks (0Kb)
  28. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX C_Essential Planning Progress - July 2012 (0Kb)
  29. pdf ITEM09_ANNEX C_Essential Planning Progress - July 2012 (0Kb)
  30. pdf ITEM09_Risk Report (0Kb)
  31. pdf ITEM10_Annual Governance Statement Action Plan 2012-13 _Q 1 and 2_ANNEX (0Kb)
  32. pdf ITEM10_Annual Governance Statement Q 1 2 Report (0Kb)
  33. pdf ITEM11_Accountability & Oversight of Schools Sept 12 Final (0Kb)
  34. pdf ITEM12_Audit Commission Report (0Kb)
  35. pdf ITEM13_Local Government Ombudsman Annual Review 11-12 (0Kb)
  36. pdf ITEM13_Review of Annual 2011-12 LGO_ANNEX (0Kb)
  37. pdf ITEM14_Bridges Seclow Gate follow up Committee Report (0Kb)
  38. pdf ITEM14_Bridges ANNEX A Closed Actions (0Kb)
  39. pdf ITEM14_Bridges ANNEX B Open Actions (0Kb)
  40. pdf ITEM15_Independent Members (0Kb)
  41. pdf ITEM15_Independent Members Role Profile_ANNEX (0Kb)
  42. pdf ITEM5(A)_Statement of Accounts 2011-12 & Annual Governance Report (0Kb)
  43. pdf DECISIONS (0Kb)


No other member attendance information has been recorded for the meeting.
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Councillor Stuart BURKE 
Andrew Peck 
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No absentee information has been recorded for the meeting.

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