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Parishes Forum

The Parishes Forum meets four times a year and is a public meeting for all Parish Councils. The Forum is to consider and debate matters of interest presented by Parish Councils or Milton Keynes Council, discuss or resolve issues raised by a Parish Council that have a broader interest to more than one Parish Council, request a report of information from a Milton Keynes Council officer, be informed about matters of interest by external bodies (e.g. local NHS), receive reports from other consultative bodies on matters that might affect the members of the Forum, e.g. Transport Partnership, Local Area Forums; and make recommendations to Milton Keynes Council and other bodies.
15 May 2019 - 19 May 2020
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Meeting DateStart TimeEnd TimeVenueStatusCalendar
20 June 201919:0021:00Suite 1.02Occurred
26 September 201919:0021:00Suite 1.02Occurred
16 January 202019:0021:00Suite 1.02Occurred
12 March 202019:0021:00Council ChamberOccurred


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