Appeals Commission

Appeals Commission

Audit Committee

Responsible for overseeing the Council's Governance procedures and considering internal / external audit reports.

Budget Scrutiny Committee

Provides cross-party scrutiny of the Council's budget and financial processes


Puts forward proposals for the Council's budget and main policies and makes day-to-day decisions on Council Services

Children and Young People Committee

Scrutinises the provision of services, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to support the creation of positive outcomes for the children and young people of Milton Keynes

Constitution Commission

Considers potential changes to the Council's Constitution and makes recommendations to the Council, as appropriate.

Corporate Parenting Panel

Acts as the Corporate Parent to all the children and young people who are in the care of Milton Keynes Council and ensures that the Council's pledge to children in care is delivered. The Corporate Parenting Panel is also responsible for raising awareness of the needs of children in care across the Council and its partners.


Takes some of the most important decisions on the Council's major policies, such as the budget and Council Tax levels.

Delegated Decisions

A decision taken by a Cabinet Portfolio holder or senior officer.

Development Control Committee

Deals with planning applications

Development Control Panel

Deals with minor planning applications.

Executive Scrutiny Committee

Considers any decisions taken by Cabinet, or delegated to officers, which are called-in

Health and Adult Social Care Committee

Scrutinises the provision of health and adult social care services in Milton Keynes, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to help improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Milton Keynes

Health and Wellbeing Board

A key forum for leaders in health and social care in Milton Keynes, to ensure an integrated and co-ordinated approach across NHS, social care and public health services.

Housing Appeals

Considers appeals against decisions relating to the Council's Housing Allocation Scheme.

Joint Negotiating Committee (Employers Side)

Considers recommendations in respect of negotiations between the Council and its employees and other staff related issues.

Licensing Committee

Responsible for the Council's licensing functions, including public entertainment and house to ho use and street conditions.

Licensing Sub-Committee

Hears and determines applications where objections and / or representations have been received relating to the Council's licensing functions.

Overview and Scrutiny: Housing Allocations Scheme Task and Finish Group

To review the Council's Housing Options and Allocations Scheme.

Overview and Scrutiny: Access to GP Services in Milton Keynes Review Group

Investigating the provision of GP Services in Milton Keynes, why residents find it difficult to get appoinments to see their GP in a timely manner and to seek innovative solutions for improving the situation.

Overview and Scrutiny: Homelessness Task and Finish Group

To suggest measures that the Council might put in place to reduce homelessness in Milton Keynes.

Overview and Scrutiny: Landscaping Maintenance Task and Finish Group

To scrutinise the Council’s current approach to landscaping and landscape maintenance.

Overview and Scrutiny: Transport Innovation Task and Finish Group

To scrutinise the Council’s current approach to Transport Innovation

Parishes Forum

The Parishes Forum meets four times a year and is a public meeting for all Parish Councils. The Forum is to consider and debate matters of interest presented by Parish Councils or Milton Keynes Council, discuss or resolve issues raised by a Parish Council that have a broader interest to more than one Parish Council, request a report of information from a Milton Keynes Council officer, be informed about maters of interest by extenral bodies (e.g. local NHS, HCA), receive reports from other consultative bodies on matters that might affect the members of the Forum, e.g. Transport Partnership, Local Area Forums; and make recommendations to Milton Keynes Council and other bodies.

Procurement and Commissioning

Considers inviting tenders and awarding contracts in line with the Leader of the Council's Executive Scheme of Delegation.

Quality Accounts Panel - Health Providers

Scrutinises the Quality Accounts of local healthcare providers in order to ensure that the provider’s priorities reflect the local priorities and concerns of constituents; identify any omission of any major issues it believes have been made from the Quality Accounts, provide comment on local issues; and comment on how well the provider has demonstrated the involvement of patients and the public.

Regeneration - MK Cabinet Advisory Group

Regeneration - MK Cabinet Advisory Group

Regulatory Committee

Responsible for the Council's Regulatory functions, including Street Trading, Hackney Carraige / Private Hire Licensing and the designation of village greens.

Regulatory Sub-Committee

Hears and determines applications / reviews relating to Hackney Carriage / Private Hire licenses and street trading licenses.

SACRE (Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education)

The main duty of a SACRE is to advise the Local Education Authority on matters of collective worship in community schools and the religious education given in accordance with the locally agreed syllabus for the subject. Although part of the basic curriculum, religious education is not part of the National Curriculum. Each Local Authority is required to provide a syllabus for religious education for use in its schools.

SaferMK Partnership

The statutory Community Safety Partnership responsible for formulating and implementing a Strategy to tackle local crime and community safety issues in the Milton Keynes area.

Schools' Forum

To give schools greater involvement in the distribution of funding within their Local Authority. To provide schools with a voice in determining the schools budgets. To provide support, scrutiny and challenge. The Forum has advisory / consultative / decision making roles.

Scrutiny Management Committee

Manages the scrutiny work programme and acts as the Council's Statutory Scrutiny Committee in respect of flood and water risk management, crime and community safety and the Councillor Call for Action.

Standards Committee

Responsible for Code of Conduct issues relating to Councillors and co-opted members of Milton Keynes Council and parish councils within the Borough.

Standards Sub-Committee

Considers complaints in respect of breaches of the Councillors' Code of Conduct.

Sustainable Transport and Road Safety Forum

A stakeholders group which advises the Cabinet Member on transport and road safety issues.

Taxi Forum

Open forum for taxi drivers / operators to influence Council policy.