CMIS Organisation Structure


Budget Review Group

Provides cross-party scrutiny of the Council's budget and financial processes


Puts forward proposals for the Council's budget and main policies and makes day-to-day decisions on Council Services

Children and Young People Select Committee

Scrutinises the provision of services, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to support the creation of positive outcomes for the children and young people of Milton Keynes so that they can be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make a positive contribution and achieve economic well-being

Community Safety, Crime and Policing Select Committee

Scrutinises the provisiopn of services, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to assist in creating a safe and strong diverse community in Milton Keynes, and in reducing crime and disorder by supporting and challenging the residents of the borough, the Council and its partners in the work of operating and maintaing a safe environment.

Considerations Sub-Committee

Considers complaints in respect of the Members' Code of Conduct which have been referred for investigation

Corporate Affairs and Performance Select Committee

Scrutinises the Council's performance unformation, including statutory performance indicators, national performance indicators, best value performance indicators and complaints. It also scrutinises the Council's quaterly corporate performance reports.


Takes some of the most important decisions on the Council's major policies, such as the budget and Council Tax levels

Development Control Committee

Deals with planning applications

Economy, Growth and Regeneration Select Committee

Scrutinises the provision of services, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to assist in the strategic planning of the city for the benefit of its residents and to enhance the economic properity and sustainability of Milton Keynes.

Environment and Transport Select Committee

Scrutinises and reviews the involvement of the Council in its strategic partnerships to ensure that the realtionship adds value to the environmental well-bewing of the citizens of Milton Keynes; scrutinises the involvement of the Council in regional and national organisations to ensure value and benefite to Milton Keynes and seeks to ensure that the anticipated needs and aspirations of future Milton Keynes' residents are met in the planning and delivery of new developments.

Executive Scrutiny Panel

Considers any decisions taken by Cabinet, or delegated to officers, which are called-in

Health and Adult Social Care Select Committee

Scrutinises the provision of health and adult social care services in Milton Keynes, the achievement of targets and the provision of resources to help improve the health and wellbeing of people living in Milton Keynes

'Healthier Together' Joint Health Overview & Scrutiny Committee

A Joint Health Overview and Scrutiny Committee comprising representation from Milton Keynes Council, Bedford Borough Council, Luton Borough Council, Central Bedfordshire Council and Northamptonshire County Council to scrutinise the progress of the 'Healthier Together Programme' (South East Midlands Acute Services Review).

Housing and Communities Select Committee

Scrutinises the decisions taken in relation to the Council's role as landlord in the provision of housing to ensure that these services provide good quality, affordable accommodation for the Council's tenants. Also scrutinises the provision of other community services such as leisure, the arts and heritage, libraries etc to create a sense of place for all citizens of Milton Keynes.

Joint Negotiating Committee (Employer's Side)

Considers recomendations in respect of negotiations made between the Council and its employees on issues such as pay and conditions

Licensing Committee

Responsible for the Council's licensing functions, including public entertainment and house to house and street collections.

Licensing Sub-Committee

To hear and determine applications where objections and / or representations have been received

Local Development Framework Advisory Group

Cabinet Advisory Group - to advise on the content of individual Development Plan documents

Overview and Scrutiny Provision of Mental Health Services in Milton Keynes

Scrutinising the provision of Mental Health Services in the Milton Keynes area and whether these are adequate / suitable / appropriate for the people of Milton Keynes

Overview and Scrutiny Delivering Independence for Older People in Milton Keynes

Scrutinising how the Council and other relevant agencies can assist the older residents of Milton Keynes to maintain their independence and freedom of choice during their later years.

Overview and Scrutiny Health & Wellbeing Strategy Review Group

Scrutinises and comments upon the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy

Overview and Scrutiny Health and Wellbeing Strategy Review Group

A Review Group which will consider and comment upon the Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy prior to its approval by Cabinet on 17 October 2012

Overview and Scrutiny Housing Allocations and Lettings Review Group

To carry out a Housing Options and Allocations Scheme Review, incorporating a Review of the Council’s Homelessness Strategy

Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee

Prioritises, commissions and schedules the work of the Overview and Scrutiny Select Committtees and ensures that the work programmes are focused on improvement and minimises the potential for duplication

Parish Review Working Group

To oversee the conduct of the review of parish electoral arrangements

Quality Accounts Panel - Health Providers

Scrutinises the Quality Accounts of local healthcare providers in order to ensure that the provider’s priorities reflect the local priorities and concerns of constituents; identify any omission of any major issues it believes have been made from the Quality Accounts, provide comment on local issues; and comment on how well the provider has demonstrated the involvement of patients and the public.

Regulatory Committee

Responsible for the Council's Regulatory functions, including Street Trading and Hackney Carriage / Private Hire Taxi policy

Regulatory Sub-Committee

To hear and determine applications and reviews of licences where objections or representations have been made

Responsible Authorities Group

The governing body of SaferMK, responsible for approving and ensuring the delivery of the three year SaferMK plan for the reduction of crime, fear of crime, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse and re-offending

Standards Committee (Localism Act 2011)

Deals with the ethical standards of Councillors by being resposponsible for the Council's Code of Conduct.

Standards Hearing Sub-Committee

Considers action to be taken in respect of breaches of the Members' Code of Conduct

Sustainable Transport and Road Safety Forum (STARS)

Advisory Group to the Cabinet Member for Transport anf Highways